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General Questions Edit

Can my ticket ever be rejected? Edit

The only time a ticket would be rejected is if the proof is not valid. If this is the case, the Admin that replies will explain the error. You may resubmit a ticket as many times as you like.

I have waited 48 hours and my ticket has not been given a response. What should I do? Edit

BUG THE ADMINS. Leave them messages, and honestly, spam them until there is a response. If, after 72 hours (3 days), there is no response, you may report the Wiki to Wikia.

I don't speak English very well and it may be hard for me to submit a ticket. Do I still have to? Edit

Yes. Please use Google Translate, it should work.

Artwork Request Questions Edit

If my artwork is removed, can someone else still re-upload it? Edit

No. Once an artist requests that their artwork is removed, the picture(s) may not be re-uploaded. If a user is caught re-uploading your work, they will receive a warning. If they continue to do so, a one month ban. A month is added to anyone continuing to do so.

I selected the "All" or "All + infobox" option. How do I create proof? Edit

Please make two image for us. One following the "Artwork Proof" steps and one following the "Page Proof" steps.

I want multiple pieces of mine removed, but not all of them. How many tickets should I submit? Edit

Unless you are removing all of your artwork, or all of your artwork and the infobox art, a new ticket is required for each image you want deleted.

What is the "infobox art"? Edit

If you look on most pages on the Wiki, you see a small box located at top left. This box provides quick and important facts about you, the artist. The box image is used to put a face (or image) to a name. We have chosen to have it be a special, separate request from "all" because it is the most important image on a page. If you ask that your infobox art be removed, a default image reading "The artist has requested not to have an infobox picture" will replace it.

Page Request Questions Edit

If I request that my page be removed, will all artwork be removed as well? Edit

Yes. There is no need to submit an artwork ticket.

If my page is removed, can someone recreate it? Edit

No. Once an article is deleted, there will be a box there saying that the artist has requested not to have a page. If a user is caught recreating the page, they will receive a warning. If the issue persists, they will receive a three-month ban.

When a page is deleted, does the artwork re-upload rule apply? Edit


I changed my username. What happens now? Edit

While we try to keep track of artists who change their name, it may not be possible. If we are aware of the change, then the box mentioned above will appear. If we are unaware and a user recreates the page, please resubmit a ticket. The user will be notified but not receive a warning or ban if they do not continue to recreate articles. We apologize for this inconvenience.