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Warning: contains mention of adult themes

Shadman Picture

Shädman (real name Shäddai Prejean) is a Swiss artist, the driving force behind his website Shä, (btw, this site contains lolicon and futanari, so to preserve your sanity, please PLEASE do not enter this website) and his youtube channel Shädbase

He is known for popular works such as Boy milk and Kim-plants page 2 of 7, and for drawing everything in every fetish porn category you can think of, and for drawing super f-ing good on his Cintiq. His favourite crafts by far are girls with penises (futanari) and little girls, most infamously his A Hat in Time fanart pieces, one of which features Hat Girl in a bikini.

He is also infamous for drawing Keemstar’s daughter in “compromising” positions, which he was confronted for by ColossalIsCrazy and later took down

Now I don’t blame you for thinking Shädman is completely f-ed up in his noggin, but he later reveals he draws porn for the lulz and is a cool guy in general. In fact, he also has SFW works like his video Drawing PUBG girls. Well actually, his youtube channel speedpaints are tame compared to the ones on his website, so if you have a strong stomach, show him some love